Thursday, October 25, 2012

Week 8

Jets -2 vs Dolphins
Bears -7.5 vs Panthers
Packers -15 vs Jags
Steelers -4.5 vs Skins
Chiefs -1.5 vs Raiders
Chargers -2.5 vs Browns
Patriots -7 vs Rams
Giants -2.5 vs Cowboys
Broncos -6 vs Saints
Eagles -2.5 vs Falcons
Lions -2 vs Seahawks
Titans -3.5 vs Colts
49ers -7 vs Cardinals

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 7

50 minimum, 50 increments, 3 games.

Note that if your pick results in a tie (push) no points are awarded.

Week 7:
Giants -5.5 vs Skins
Saints -2.5 vs Buccaneers
Colts -2.5 vs Browns
Patriots -10 vs Jets
Raiders -4 vs Jaguars
Texans -7 vs Ravens
Bills -3.5 vs Titans
Steelers -2 vs Bengals
Packers -5.5 vs Rams
Cowboys -2.5 vs Panthers
Vikings -6 vs Cardinals
Bears -6 vs Lions

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Weekly $ Pick'em

Here is week 6 lines. Make your picks in increments of 50 credits. Please comment the three games you choose by selecting the team and amount wagered. Game submission for all three are due by start of the first game Sunday morning. Thursday games are not eligible. Lines based on Thursday first set lines from USA Today odds. (Washington game is N/A) thus excluded this week.**sorry for confusion, original email didn't say increments of 50 but that is one of the stipulations... otherwise we be getting 127 credit bets and such, and that's too much for me! haha.**
Week 6:
Dolphins -4 vs Rams
Patriots -3.5 vs Seahawks
Buccaneers -4.5 vs Chiefs
Bengals -1 vs Browns
Cardinals -4.5 vs Bills
Falcons -8.5 vs Raiders
49ers -6.5 vs Giants
Texans -3.5 vs Packers
Ravens -3.5 vs Cowboys
Eagles -4 vs Lions
Jets -3.5 vs Colts
Chargers -1.5 vs Broncos