Thursday, April 23, 2009

Are they not made to ENTERTAIN?

With this summer blockbusters closely approaching I wanted to take a minute to break down what to keep and eye out for and when to save your money!

The first Major Blockbuster to hit the big screen will be X-Men Origins: Wolverine releasing May 1st. But before diving head first into the hype of the new superhero flick, remember that this film is still property of FOX and not MARVEL STUDIOS! This being said, I have seen way to many marketing ploys associated to this film for me to believe it can stand on its own. From the MILK ad with Jackman as Wolverine being gay as hell to the newly aired Schick Quattro Titanium razor commercial where a kid has a full beard and with the help of this razor shaves his face into the likes of Wolverine. It was just sad to see. All this in addition to Mr Chris Price (a true comic junky) telling me how bad the leaked version of the film was and that no special effects can save it, lead me to believe that this film should be avoided until DVD release. Instead, I suggest venturing out this weekend and truly enjoying The Soloist. I mean RDJ (Robert Downey Jr) and Jamie Foxx, you can't go wrong. Plus it's based on a true story that is both moving and sincere. It has Oscar nom written all over it!

Once the Wolverine dust settles movie goers are in for some truly entertaining films this summer. Most of them have high budgets and plenty of action. May 8th brings us J.J. Abrams version of the Star Trek (Prequel). The mans resume speaks for itself (Armageddon, M.I. III, Lost, Alias and Cloverfield) J.J. has the most amazing vision and for me, who may have seen about 2.5 episodes of Trek and never really got it, will be one of the first to see this film. That and my soon to be father in law is a Trekie. The trailer alone makes my face smile so hard I can taste my ears. <-- yes that's possible. This film will be a must see in theaters due to the immense amount of visual effects.

Between Star Trek and the next major motion picture Terminator Salvation premiering May 22nd is the Ron Henry follow-up of the thriller The Davinci Code titled Angels & Demons releasing May 15th. I suggest save your money this weekend and wait for the DVD or read up on some reviews of Wolverine and possibly check it out without the crowds. With the release of Terminator Salvation (the 4th installment in the franchise) marks the first film in the new trilogy. Starring Christian Bale, Terminator is jam packed with enough action and classic Terminator mythology to keep the fanboys at ease. (myself included) Terminator is probably my all time favorite Sci-Fi film reality. And that is saying a lot considering my love for Matrix. But I am a big believer in the idea that machine dependency will lead to our ultimate demise.

For the horror fans out there, Sam Raimi is releasing Drag Me To Hell on May 29th and that is the same weekend that UP is released for all those pixar freaks in America. Drag me to Hell looks really really creepy and is catching some great early reviews. It has already scored an 8/10 on IMDB. Justin Long stars along side Alison Lohman (who you wont recognize from anything) and she's so darn cute. Sam's been working on this one since he finished up 30 Days of Night in 2007 and it appears to have been well worth the wait.

Heading into June the main stream movies die down a bit but that doesn't mean there isn't anything good being released. Getting wedged between the blockbusters like the Fluff in my PBF sandwich are two anticipated comedies. Both Land of the Lost and Year One are being released June 5th and June 19th respectively. LOTL is going to be a much more family geared comedy but it stars Will Ferrell and co-stars Danny McBride so it'll make me pee my pants regardless. And Year One stars both Jack Black and the always amusing Michael Cera in a prehistoric kind of History of the World esq style film. Both can easily fill a Saturday night with tons of laughs.

After the enjoyment of these comedies, the onslaught of blockbusters hit the hardest. Starting with the highly anticipated release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on June 26th. Michael Bay pulls no punches with confirmation of over 20 transformers for the second installment. And yes, Megatron is returning and Megan Fox is still barely clothed. (Thank GOD) July 1st brings us the third film in the Ice Age trilogy Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and also the star studded Crime Drama taking place in 1930's Public Enemies starring the beloved Johnny Depp and co-starring Christian Bale, Channing Tatum (for the tweens), Billy Crudup and Giovanni Ribisi. This is sure to be a must see.

July 10th brings us Bruno the new and widely criticised Sacha Baron Cohen film about a flamboyant Austrian fashionista. And, well..... you get an idea.

Just as you catch your breath, you'll be kicked in the teeth by Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince opening July 15th. 5th Film replicating the 5th book of the acclaimed series. It's darker, longer and sure to be the best yet.

Judd Apatow hits us with another masterpiece titled Funny People on July 31st, bringing aboard Mr. Comedy himself to starr, Adam Sandler. As always, Apatow brings along his dynamic duo in both Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. I haven't heard much about this film just yet but I mean Sandler, Rogen, Hill and Apatow at the helm... Comedy of the Year anyone? I'll be quoting this so hard it'll be like when I was 12 and learned who Jenna Jameson was!

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra brings to life that wonderful 80's cartoon to the silver screen on August 7th. But not the way you may think. this movie is going to basically be an Army recruitment advertisement ON STEROIDS! Really, it'll be the most action filled movie you have ever witnessed due to the fact that it'll suck so hard they will try everything to distract you!

Capping off the summer will be my most anticipated film in Inglourious Basterds. On August 21st Quentin Tarantino will take us into Nazi occupied Germany and show us how a team of war driven maniacs, lead by none other than Brad Pitt himself, can cause as much death and destruction that 2hrs of film can capture. For me, it'll be Inglourious - Vacation - Back to Reality.

So for me, it'll be a lot of weekend nights spent in front of a theater screen.

Hope you all enjoy the summer!