Thursday, March 18, 2010

1st The Expendables Poster

First look at the upcoming The Expendables movie poster!

Not much else to say... Shit looks sick!

Check out the trailer here courtesy of TrailerAddict.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How bout' them Sixers?

There is a Buzz going around in Philly that doesn’t have to do with Spring Training and those Fightin Phils! This ringing has a completely different tune and its far from beautiful.

The Sixers are in shambles… and I can’t be happier! Why may you ask am I doing back flips at the expense of our once beloved hardcore kings? One word and that word alone… “LOTTERY!” With every L that gets posted up on that schedule my smile gets even bigger. L isn’t for loss this time around ladies and gents… oh no! This time it stands for Lottery.

The Philadelphia 76ers currently stand at 23-44 for the season. This God awful record has them currently tied as the 6th (with the likes of the Kings) worst team in the NBA. And after a 94-84 schalacking by the New York Knicks last night… yes the Knicks, our very own Sixers look hungry to break into that 5th position! They have dropped five games in a row now. And loss nine of their last ten. Now that’s pretty impressive. The Sixers will close out this week with the Nets and Knicks. Then a game at home vs a playoff contending Bulls on Saturday. They cap off the month with five games coming against all teams ranked in the top 6 of their conference.

I can’t foresee them pulling out more than two wins over the next eight. That would put this group of makeshift superstar wannabies (yes you Iguodala) at a whopping 25-50. And that number my friends, with only 7 games remaining in the season, will be this years winning Lottery Number!

- Lets hear it for John Wall! –