Thursday, October 29, 2009

1 Down 3 To Go...

Each win in this series carries its own face. Charlie must approach each game individually. Phillies must knock down 4 wins before they can be crowned champions...


Game 1 on the books. Phillies up 1-0. With the first win going to the good guys, only three wins stand in the way of the Phillies and their Repeat!

- 3 Wins to Go till we taste VICTORY!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lets All Color by Numbers...

The 2009 World Series of Baseball, aka The Winter Classic, is upon us all. And once again our beloved Philadelphia Phillies are participating. They will face a not so beloved New York Yankee squad of overpaid, overpraised, overvalued bunch of wannabe true ball players. The Yankees are a true example of "buying success!" $208,097,414 in player salaries and 103 wins later, the Yankees were standing alone atop the MLB with the most wins in 2009. Butt...

Since the regular season of baseball is primarily pointless when it comes to who will win in the playoffs, these stats will be strictly based on playoff results.

So who will be crowned victor of the Phillies vs Yankees 2009 World Series? It's all about the numbers...

Phillies / Yankees / Advantage


Runs: 55 / 48 / Phillies

Hits: 76 / 85 / Yankees

Doubles: 13 / 12 / Phillies

Triples: 4 / 2 / Phillies

Home Runs: 14 / 14 / Tie

RBI: 54 / 45 / Phillies

BA: .261 ./ 262 / Yankees

OBP: .363 / .359 / Phillies

SLG: .478 / .441 / Phillies

OPS: .840 / .800 / Phillies


W: 7 / 7 / Tie

L: 2 / 2 / Tie

ERA: 3.04 / 2.46 / Yankees

SV: 3 / 3 / Tie

CG: 1 / 0 / Phillies

SHO: 9 / 8 / Phillies

ER: 27 / 24 / Yankees

R: 31 / 25 / Yankees

BB: 22 / 27 / Phillies

SO: 60 / 72 / Yankees

BAA: .242 / .243 / Phillies

So now that the numbers are stated, what does it all mean? Well to put it simply, if this was a Head-to-Head match up in Yahoo Fantasy Baseball, we'd be looking at an 11-6-4 Victory!

That's 11 category wins for the Phillies, 6 category wins for the Yanks and 4 category ties. Oh whats that, the Yankees have home field advantage over the Phillies due to the fact that the AL won the All-Star Game this year... oh, and that will give the Yankees an edge this series? Well sorry there kids, the Phillies didn't have home field against the Dodgers either and we know the ending to that story. What's that you say... New York is different! Lets not all forget that when Philly went into NY this year back in May that the Yankees were riding a 9 game winning streak in which they dropped to the Phillies on a Friday 7-3, squeaked out a win on Saturday 5-4 and then lost a close one, not thanks to a Brad Lidgeless save on Sunday 4-3 in 11 innings. Aaaaannnndddd... lets all remember that We didn't have Cliff "Fucking" Lee to pin against their ace of Mr C.C. Suckbathia!

So I reiterate that the Philadelphia Phillies will be your 2009 World Series Champions w/in 6 games. And I have the #'s to support it!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


We are the National League Fucking Champions!