Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Blockbuster Update!

So as we head into Memorial Day weekend, I'll take this oportunity to rate already released films.

Against my own recommendation, I saw Wolverine in its opening weekend. I'll start by saying this, can I have my money back please? I don't have too much to write about since the movie was so forgetable I can't actually remember anything worth writing about. I know there was Wolverine, and he cried a lot. And Sabertooth kept killing everyone. And then Ryan Reynolds showed up for about a minute but answered a cell phone call from FOX telling him that he had to hurry over to Studio 6 to start filming the Deadpool spinoff so that FOX can rake in another $100 Million on a bad creation of a beautiful franchise. Then after he left Wolverine got really angry for a minute but then realized that he's really Hue Jackman and he should be on broadway not playing the most dangerous mutant hero ever to grace the pages of a comic book. Then the rolled credits and everyone sat there wondering if the last 2hrs of their life just happened. 4/10

I also caught Star Trek this past weekend and let me start off by saying this, WOW! I was not dissapointed in any aspect of the film. Acting was A+, Character praise for original show was Spot-on, CGI was beautiful and perfectly used to display a fluid and realistic feel. Eric Bana, who plays Nero the villian, really stepped up to the plate and cracked one over the right field wall. In the 4 minutes that JJ used to explain why Nero was so devoted to anhilation over all planets, he really gave me the full understanding and emotion behind the character. I'm not sure who wrote this thing cause I really don't feel like opening up a new window and heading over to IMDB to find out, but it was witty, genuin, casual and interesting. Throw that in with JJ's use of beautiful visuals and amazing character interactions and you have yourself an truely good film. My 1, and only 1 flaw, and this in no ones falt but my own, is that every time I saw Zach Quinto (Spock) all I can see is Sylar from Heroes and I even at one point turned to Shannon and said, why doesn't he just use his powers to stop time and kill everyone... haha. But again that's no fault but mine for being such a big geek and falling in love with HEROES. Oh and this was written by Roberto Orci and Ale Kurtzman (Eagle Eye, Fringe, Alias) <--I had to look up Spocks actor's name on IMDB so I checked the writters too. 9/10

Now last night I got the oportunity to view Terminator Salvation. My second/first, depending on what day you ask me, favorite altra-universe. And I really "Enjoyed" this film. Now from a die hard Terminator fan perspective, the film left me with no new knowledge of the universe. No development in the storyline. No plot depth that allowed me to care about ANY of the characters that the previous 3 films had. But, from a movie lovers perspective, this movie is bonified bad ass. CGI was spectacular, the T-800 was absolutely amazing, the sets were well developed, the scenes were full of action and the movie was pumping from start to finish. So in my opinion, if you give me a fully loaded, action packed explosive film and throw in any type of Terminator then you got a solid B movie in my book. I'm very much looking forward to the release onto DVD with an "R" rating and an additional 45 minutes of footage. 7/10

That is all for now.

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