Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How bout' them Sixers?

There is a Buzz going around in Philly that doesn’t have to do with Spring Training and those Fightin Phils! This ringing has a completely different tune and its far from beautiful.

The Sixers are in shambles… and I can’t be happier! Why may you ask am I doing back flips at the expense of our once beloved hardcore kings? One word and that word alone… “LOTTERY!” With every L that gets posted up on that schedule my smile gets even bigger. L isn’t for loss this time around ladies and gents… oh no! This time it stands for Lottery.

The Philadelphia 76ers currently stand at 23-44 for the season. This God awful record has them currently tied as the 6th (with the likes of the Kings) worst team in the NBA. And after a 94-84 schalacking by the New York Knicks last night… yes the Knicks, our very own Sixers look hungry to break into that 5th position! They have dropped five games in a row now. And loss nine of their last ten. Now that’s pretty impressive. The Sixers will close out this week with the Nets and Knicks. Then a game at home vs a playoff contending Bulls on Saturday. They cap off the month with five games coming against all teams ranked in the top 6 of their conference.

I can’t foresee them pulling out more than two wins over the next eight. That would put this group of makeshift superstar wannabies (yes you Iguodala) at a whopping 25-50. And that number my friends, with only 7 games remaining in the season, will be this years winning Lottery Number!

- Lets hear it for John Wall! –

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