Friday, June 11, 2010

1/2 2010 Movie Recap

Ok so I highlighted some films early this year that seemed to be the top hitters of 2010 up until June. Lets just say there were more misses than hits on that list. In summary, so far in 2010 films have just been quite... "eh." Quick recap on what we were so lucky to have been graced with to date in 2010.

Daybreakers: Caught in on DVD with the wife. Enjoyable film. Different take on Vamps but nothing to write home about. Mediocre acting and lack of true action just didn't deliver like I had hoped.

I did get around to watching The Lovely Bones, strange film. Had great potential but again, partial waste of time.

Shutter Island: Saw it in theater, Scoresese delivered. Top 100 all time for me. Great acting, great story, well put together. A jewel of the year so far.
The Wolfman was sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. Really, BAD!
Alice In Wonderland: A fun twist to the existing world of Wonderland... or Underland as stated in film. But i'm not sure if it was cause I was DEAD TIRED when viewing, or the crappy 3D but it just didn't do anything for me.
Clash of the Titans: Haven't seen it but heard it was utter CRAP!
Kick Ass: It really Kicked Ass! Great film, fun and entertaining. Won't disappoint if you enjoy action, violence and wild killing. Nick Cage actually was great as a secondary role and in no way detracted from this film!
Nightmare on Elm Street (remake): Heard it was crap... waiting for DVD.
Did see Date Night with the wife on one of our "Date Nights" and we both found it to be way funnier than critics thought. I loved everything about it, Carell and Fey are perfect together.
Iron Man 2: Nothing to say here, it's Fucking Iron Man... Was WAY GOOD. Not as good as the original but delivers everything a summer blockbuster should.
Prince of Persia: Hearing mixed reviews so far but people are comparing it to the more recent Mummy films... hmmmm?
Well there you go, seems that only Shutter Island, Kick Ass and Iron Man really stood up to the task of truly enjoyable summer films. Hope the second half of the year has more in store!

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