Friday, December 21, 2012

Week 16

Falcons -4 vs LIONS
JETS -2.5 vs Charges
COWBOYS -2.5 vs Saints
Redskins -6.5 vs EAGLES
DOLPHINS -5 vs Bills
PACKERS -12 vs Titans
Giants -2.5 vs RAVENS
STEELERS -3 vs Bengals
TEXANS -7.5 vs Vikings
Patriots -14 vs JAGUARS
PANTHERS -7.5 vs Raiders
BRONCOS -12.5 vs Browns
Bears - 5.5 vs CARDINALS
Colts -7 vs CHIEFS
49ers PK vs SEAHAWKS


Roselli said...

Steelers -3 = 200
Patriots -14 = 200
Bucs -3 = 100

schwesig said...

Eagles - $3,000

Lefkowitz said...

Eagles $150

Panthers $150

Steelers $200

Sibley said...

Falcons - 200
Saints - 150
Eagles -150

Glinch said...

Eagles +6.5
Giants -2.5
Bucs -3

Glinch said...

Oops forgot amounts:

Eagles $50
Giants $400
Bucs $50

Rob Brunton said...

Steelers -3 = 400
Patriots -14 = 50
Colts -7 = 50

Longo said...

$500 Bucs

$50 Eagles

$50 Colts

Colangelo said...

giants 200
bears 200
seahawks 100

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