Monday, January 04, 2010

Year in Review...

So 2010 is lining up to be quite a year for movie releases. You have your normal mix of mediocrity as you would see on any given release year. But this upcoming film season feels more to me like that of 2008 that had such jems like Iron Man, Dark Knight, Slumdog, Wall-E and Wanted to name a few! As you'll soon see, i'm almost sure you will be anticipating heading to your local theater just about every month. Lets take a look, shall we?


Daybreakers (8): Kicking off this new year with a bit of a shock, Daybreakers brings you two things I find most intriguing in films these days, 1- Vampires and 2- Harvesting Humans! (yes I enjoy harvesting humans very much. Matrix had it, Resident Evil had it, the 6th day... I can keep going!) Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe bring you a tale of bloodshed and not in the traditional sense. A future where Vampires have the run of the world and humans are an endangered species, some Vampires must collect and harvest the remaining humans as a food source in fear of the survival of their race! Sounds kick-ass to me!


Book of Eli (15): This is also a futuristic America where Denzel Washington carries a bible esq. book that is coveted by... well EVERYONE. The tagline in this one is, "There are many that will kill for this book, But I would die to protect it!" And then the trailer here goes all close up on Denzel kicking every one's ass!

Youth in Revolt (8): A Michael Cera comedy where an alter-ego takes the reigns of a worthless teen only to send his life into a very noteworthy spiral. I love me some Michael Cera and the trailer here looks great for fans of his.

Legion (22): This isn't going to be any good really, but this is the movie that Rich has been drawing in his books and picturing in his mind for the last 10 years. So it will be kind of cool to finally see it all on screen. (year Rich I know it's not exact and yours will be 20x cooler, but this is really close!)


The Spy Next Door: Three reasons why... 1- Jackie Chan, 2- George Lopez, 3- Billy Ray Cyrus.

The Lovely Bones: Strictly based on a friends comments... "The book is good, the movie was a wast of my time!"


Shutter Island (19): Leonardo DiCaprio teams up with the directing styles of Scorsese once more (The Departed) for what looks to be a mind bending trip through a specialized psychiatric ward. Trailer here speaks for itself.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief (12): You may question my highlight of this film as you read the title. And yes, it's slightly kiddish. However, this film looks wicked good. It's Harry Potter + Golden Compass + Hellboy all rolled into one epic as shit looking film! Trailer


Valentine's Day (12): Strictly from the cast alone this seems like it'll be funny as hell. Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts and Jamie Foxx. It has a "He's Just Not That Into You" vibe going except it looks damn funny.

The Wolfman (12): January hits us with a spin on Vampires, well here in Feb. we get the classic tale of an English Warewolf. But this time it's played by the highly talented Benicio Del Toro. Throw in a little Anthony Hopkins (yes the Hannibal man himself) and this dark tale is sure to get the hairs on your neck to stand up!


Dear John - And I Quote... "Channing Tatum"


Alice in Wonderland (5): Yeah, here it is again. That good ol' Disney Classic that we've known since children. Oh wait, you gave the deed to Tim Burton... Aw Shit! Things are gonna get redick!

Clash of the Titans (26): Sam Worthington hits the screen yet again in this remake based around Greek Mythology. Lets just say it's 300 meets Gladiator meets Lord of The Rings! Two tickets to Saturday Matinee please! Thank You.


She's Out of My League (12): This stars up and coming comedian Jay Baruchel. Best known for his works as the skinny friend in Knocked Up, the quirky side kick in Tropic Thunder and the tech head in Fanboys. Read about this today actually and seems like it could be a pleasant surprise. Plus he's funny as hell in Knocked up so it has real potential.

The Bounty Hunter (19): Could just be my man crush on Gerard Butler or not, but this tandem with Jenn Aniston who is hunted by her ex-boyfriend and bounty hunter (Butler) adds a bit of flair to this action comedy.


Remember Me: Why, cause it's staring Robert Pattinson. Yes that's right ladies. And I know for a fact that this kid doesn't have the acting chops in a role that is not a Vampire.


Kick Ass (16): Now look past the fact that Nick Cage is playing lead Villain. This may be the creme de la creme of films this year! This film has a Frank Miller style to it with the attitude of Inglorious Basterds. Its a Watchmen type on steroids. Rated a hard "R," this film doesn't hold back on any level. Violence, gore, obscenity, action and vulgarity. Throw my chips in the middle baby cause I'm all in! Trailer

A Nightmare on Elm Street (30): Yes another classic horror remake. But hey, why not reinvent the wheel for the next generation. I really enjoyed Zombies Halloween and the Friday 13th reboot as well. This time, the scar faced slasher is back and better than ever. Shannon, would you like to go on a date February 30th? hmmmmmmmm?


Date Night (9): Carell, Fey, Franco and Wahlberg team up for this romantic comedy about a married couple and their date that went awry.


Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too: TYLER PERRY!


Piranha 3D: Don't let Elizabeth Shue draw you in, THIS WILL BE BAD!


Iron Man 2 (7): Yes kids, Tony Stark(Downey Jr) is back and he's still wearing that impressive armor of his. In this second installment, leading up to the desirable Avengers Movie, Iron Man 2 plans on delivering everything that the first provided us plus a little War Machine. Well, hopefully a LOT of him! Not so sure of Mickey Rourke as the lead Villain, but splash in ScarJo in black latex pants! six to midnight my friends...

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (28): Jake Gyll as the video game hero. The movie won't make back its budget but who doesn't enjoy a good video game movie. Mortal Kombat anyone? ehhh... ehhh?


Sex and the City 2 (28): SJP has grandma hands!

Shrek Forever After (21): It's in 3-D man...

Robin Hood (14): Darker version of the original tale with Russell Crowe as Hood!


Taker: Paul Walker should stop... please just stop!


The A-Team (11): Why? Cause it's the Mother Fuckin A-Team! I did read that Mr. T WON'T be making a cameo. Sad, but with Liam Neeson, Brad Cooper and Jessica Biel it shouldn't need him.

Jonah Hex (18): Another comic book figure comes to life in this dark western. Played by Josh Brolin, Hex is a two-face look alike cowboy who doesn't take any shit. Carries two six-shooters and is one bad ass man! PS- Megan Fox in a corset.

Toy Story 3 (18): Yes it is in 3-D. Yes I do love Toy Story. Yes I still think Tom Hanks is the best actor of my lifetime. And no, Megan Fox isn't in this movie!


Grown Ups (25): High school friends come together 30 years later at a reunion only to fall right back into their childhood shenanigan's. Utilize the comedy genius of Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock and David Spade and I'll slap the B+ all over this thing right now.


The Karate Kid: No you should not remake this classic. Ralph Macchio is rolling in his grave. Oh, what's that? Ralph Macchio isn't dead... Really? oh I must be thinking of his career. Sorry.

Stay Tuned for July through December


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