Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Babe of the Week.

Joe Carr brought this one to my attention today. Now I always looked at her as a very attractive woman, and at times she can look damn hot. But overall she's definitely a very desirable lady!

This week I give to you:

Rashida Jones

Now you may recognize the face if you are a fan of the NBC show "The Office." Making her first appearance in 2007 on the critically acclaimed show as Karen, she was a fresh new face and one that stood out from the crowd at the good ol' Scranton Branch. Quickly becoming a love interest to Jim and bringing a bit of a cat fight into the show between Pam* and herself. Rashida has a very unique look. At 33, she has recently burst onto the scene with a vengeance. After her days on "The Office" dwindled down, she was immediately picked up by the newly, and apparently quite funny "Parks and Recreation." Branching off of her TV scene, Rashida was very good in a slightly overrated "I Love You, Man!" Taking a look through her Filmography courtesy of IMDB, she was apparently on 2 episodes of the "Chappelles' Show," I think I'll have to bust out my DVD's to scan through for that one. But the interest is there for this new fem, and I'm sure we will all be seeing much more to come. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos.

*- Soon to come!

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