Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Hallmark Day

Last night I saw a film, if I recall it was a horror film. Got a chance to catch the new Friday the 13th last night. And let me say that I found it to be surprisingly good. It did not fail to deliver all the necessary aspects of a true slasher film. Abundance of gorish kills - check. Sneaky ninja killer - check. Many camera pop-up jumpy scenes - check. An unnecessary (in a great way) amount of nudity - check.

* * *Spoiler Alert * * *

The film starts off with a scene flashing medley of the 1980 original chase between the original camp counselors and Mrs. Vorhees that ends in decapitation. The movie proceeds to a group of campers searching for a little piece of heaven* that opens up to moments of sex (involving a character that looks almost exactly like my best friend Joey), cheese comedy and a plethora of slashing realistic kills. After disposing of the campers in an adrenaline raged no shortcut massacre we get the sense of what the rest of the movie has in store as the giant red title "FRIDAY the 13th" smacks the screen.

The rest of the movie is well worth the view. Kills are still original and by no means cheap knock offs of any previous Jason flick. The character development is small but gets you close enough to have some type of connection to each victim. The new spin on Jason has a fresh feel and gives you more of a feeling of this is kind of how it would have went down instead of the previous films where you just sit there and go... "come on, really?" I definitely feel that if you are a fan of the slasher genre that this will fit your bill. Overall I'll give it 7/10

* - Camp Crystal Lake happens to have a massive Pot Garden. Making us all understand why Jason is so territorial.

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