Friday, February 13, 2009

Inglorious Bastards

Q.T.'s (Quentin Tarantino) remake of the 1977 film Inglorious Bastards has caught some buzz over the movie wire for some time now. The first official full trailer is up on the web. Take a look over at yahoo movie trailers.

This 2009 rendition is staring Brad Pitt and is featured in the trailer. A much different take on the 1977 version that was a truly good view. I recommend it to anyone who wants to appreciate why Hollywood gets forced to remake 1970's films. Americans killing Nazi's, now that's good ol' fashion film making.

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Anonymous said...

actually mike, there is more to remakes than nazi killing. Movie studios take less of a risk making movies that already have a fan base. they know people will pay to see these movies. That's why remakes,sequals, and true stories always have big stars, they can pay them cause they are gauranteed an audience.