Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trilogy Anyone?

Stole this from my favorite movie gossip site

Found it to be fairly accurate. Enjoy!

With the exceptions of Batman and The Matrix I think this is a pretty cool Trilogy Chart. Batman 2 was really really good, maybe even better than 1. And the entire Matrix trilogy was a bit better than stated. Yes, 1 was about 80x better than 2/3 but 2/3 were still worth half a bar! I feel that Lord of the Rings and Star Wars are the best depicted trilogies in this chart as well.


Anonymous said...

matrix 3 sucked. but 2 was pretty friggin cool. Batman 2 sucked also. X-men 3 was the best x-men movie by far. spider man one was better than spider man 2, and Planet of the apes 3 is better than 2. so... now you know, and knowing is half the battle

mroz22 said...

Batman 2 did not suck... But I feel ya on X3.