Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Babe of the Week!

I know that the All-Star Babes was just a few days ago, but that's what procrastination gets you. But the blog must go on! So in honor of the release of the New Harry Potter flick: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince I present to you:
Emma Watson

Emma Watson, well I'd say "most" known for but it's really, only known for her roll in the MEGA Franchise Harry Potter. She plays Hermione Granger, the smart ass, sweetly devoted side-kick to the oh so popular Harry Potter. I feel that watching these films, somewhat like a sitcom, we've watched Emma grow up and blossom from an adorable little kid to a sweet and sexy woman. Now 19 Watson has kept things pretty low key. No MAXIM covers or craziness off screen. But I kind of like that about her. She is still quite young and has a long way to go in her career. God only knows what rolls she'll have to take to completely break the "Harry Potter Girl" idea out of every one's mind. So I'll be looking forward to that Roller Coaster of a life! There is just something about these British women that call to me like a flame to a moth. I don't care if I get burned, it's all about how close you can get to the fire! Not to mention that in my own "I don't see it at all..." kind of way, she reminds me of my fiancee. So that's bonus points for her! Keep those spells coming Emma. I'm already in your trance!

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