Monday, July 27, 2009

Babe of the Week

Well I missed the new episode of Entourage last night. I was going to Blog and watch at the same time. So now I've put it On-Demand and here I am Blogging. After watching the last two episodes of Entourage I was re-awaken to the Beauty that is my next Babe of the Week. She's a goddess on screen and just a drop dead piece of art that is WOMAN!

This weeks Babe is none other than:

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Emmanuelle Chriqui, born December of 77' a Canadian from Montreal. Making her first on screen debut in the infamous TV series "Kung Fu" (RIP David Carradine, you went out in style!) in 1995 and since has been in numerous small roles throughout the years. Up until 2000 she only appeared in TV Series that I never heard of. But she appeared in her first film that rings a bell to my bad movies I have watched list in "Snow Day." But she made her imprint in my obsession in a completely underrated movie "100 Girls." Movie was really good, and Emmanuelle played the "object of affection" the entire film. She truly was my object of everything. She then showed up a bit on "The O.C." and also played the lesbian Bartender in "Waiting." She was super smoking hot in "Don't Mess With the Zohan" playing opposite Adam Sandler. But what Emmanuelle may go down for in her acting career is the beautiful and enticing Sloan in the hit series on HBO "Entourage." Appearing for a good bit in the earlier seasons, Sloan then fell off the series for a season and a half. Causing much uprising among watchers (Not really, but fuck, I was upset. She's really hot and I liked looking!) So now with the new season already beginning, Sloan, I mean Emmanuelle has entered Entourage as a steady fixture once again. THANK GOD!

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